Weight loss and hormones

Estrogen, progesterone, insulin, testosterone, are some of the main hormones that play an important role in maintaining your weight. Imbalances in hormones and weight gain may be closely related. Hormones are powerful chemicals that affect the body's metabolism and therefore body weight.

The hormones activate and impede the functioning of the immune system, menopause, reproductive cycle control, regulate metabolism, etc. They can stimulate or inhibit growth. Many women complain of weight gain during menopause. In fact, hormone levels change from day to day, changing your mood, it affects your metabolism that ultimately may affect your energy levels. Keep in mind that changes in hormone levels are highly dependent on your lifestyle.

It has been shown that an increase or decrease of a specific hormone causes the body's adjustment to the level of activity you choose to do. In boys, when they become less active, may be due to a gradual decline of testosterone in the blood. One of the main functions of testosterone is to increase metabolism and help reduce fat levels. Therefore a decrease in testosterone levels can lead to fat gain in men.

If you opt for a more active lifestyle creates a need for adaptation. The body's cells get the message to accelerate the chemical reactions that produce a change in body hormones which in turn will boost the metabolism.

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