Eye shadow combinations

Sometimes it seems that time and again we use the same shades of eye shadow make-up. Although we have several colors, not always dare to innovate and find new combinations, either because e know how we do it or because we're not sure of the result. To help you apply your makeup with different tones, we leave some combinations that will surely be useful. Just look for the ones you favor.

Pink and golden shades: Apply the pink shade in both the mobile and eyelid under the eyebrow arch.

Then, in the place where it forms the crease, apply the golden shade with pinky fingertip. Thus, every time you blink, your eyes have a golden reflection that is extremely attractive.

Purple and gray shadows: It is certainly a combination that favors all skin types and is ideal when you want to give your makeup a romantic atmosphere. To begin, apply shadow home, preferably clear, but the entire lid, unlike the previous combination, do not be up to the brow. Then, with a small brush apply the gray shadow over the eyelashes and under the arch of the eyebrow.

Another combination you can do with these same colors is to apply the purple shadow on the eyelid and the gray shadow over the arch of the eyebrow. In this case, the tone should be pretty dark purple and silver gray as possible. Thereby you get a combination that highlights your eyes and give you a mysterious and sexy at the same time. Surely a perfect makeup for the night.

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