Fragrances according to your lifestyle

Today, it is more common to use the perfume as an accessory than a simple smell. Our perfume must adapt to our lifestyle and even our moods. But sometimes the choice can produce a lot of confusion. To help reduce the clutter, here's a brief guide tomain fragrance that you can use :

These perfumes are lively and energetic. They are the best to enjoy during the day. Some of the most used are: Clinique Happy, Burberry Weekend for Women, Eau de Cartier Cartier, Jo Malone Grapefruit, Calvin Klein CK One, The Gap Close.

Sweet and romantic, these scents are for "good girls. " You may notice the fragrance of a flower or more specifically. They can also be used in different events. Aim: Chanel No. 5, Karl Lagerfeld Chloe, Anna Sui and Lancome Tresor

The fruity fragrance is fresh and spicy. Intense without being overwhelming, these perfumes are ideal to go see a movie or dinner. Should be applied sparingly. Liz Claiborne by Liz Claiborne, Avon Fire Me Up, Harajuku Lovers Lil 'Angel, Ralph Wild Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs Splash: Apple 2010, Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Now 2010

The smell of the fresh leaves and freshly cut grass, give us a natural fragrance and energy. These fragrances tend to be unisex. You can use your sports clothes and modern at any casual gathering. Chanel No. 19, Ralph Lauren Safari, Escada Sport Country Weekend, Alfred Sung Sung, Escada Magnetism, Adidas Adrenaline Woman.

Do not forget the ocean fragrances (Davidoff Cool Water Woman), Eastern (Yves Saint Laurent Opuim), spicy (Coco Chanel) and related to wood (Gucci Envy Me).

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