Tips for armpits hair removal

The armpits are among the most sensitive areas for hair removal. In these the skin is soft and delicate, which makes it easily irritated by what they have to follow a few tips when doing so:

Wherever possible, you should avoid using the razor. Although it is a very convenient, especially if you're short of time, it is inevitable that you make small, razor cuts on the skin which, though invisible to the naked eye, as they make healing the skin to thicken, which will resulted in the darkening of the skin in the area.

Whatever the hair removal method you use, remember to wash your armpits before shaving.

Once you've shaved, wait at least eight hours until I could follow up with a deodorant. Otherwise, the underarm skin can irritate and even cause allergies. It is best to wait the specified time and use mild deodorants that do not carry alcohol, to avoid irritating the skin, which is very sensitive after depilation.

If you decide to shave the underarm hair, you better skin exfoliate the area regularly. That prevent them from showing spots that could become infected after shaving with the blade.

Not recommended for use as a depilatory wax as in the armpits are located mammary glands that are part of the breasts, and pulling required to remove the wax can damage them. Moreover, those jerks break collagen and elastin, which, over time, will lose their elasticity and become more lax.

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