How to use green concealer

If we want our makeup is perfect, an essential complement to this is the spell, as it helps us to correct the imperfections of the face, thus producing a smooth and beautiful skin. Although there are many color correction in the market, most of us only use the flesh tone, because we're not quite sure how to use the other.

This is especially true since the spell saw him, we fear that our face is to use a gray-green tone. To avoid this and take advantage of its properties we show you how to use:

First you must know that the green spell is especially suitable to cover pimples, blackheads and other skin imperfection that makes it appear red. Normally use this spell when our common foundation can not hide. You can find it in different formats, such as pencil, stick, brush, cream and fluid. The first time we use it is more advisable cream format as they penetrate better and pay more.

To apply you should use a soft brush or your fingertip. Apply it only to the area where you have red or grain. Be sure to blend the edges to make the transition between the bracket and the color of your skin is soft.

The next step is to cover the area with your usual makeup and concealer that completely cover you have applied. You do it with a sponge and giving little touches in the face. Thus, you make sure not to remove the spell, what would happen if you extend the makeup on the skin. If you see still see a bit, do not apply more makeup. It is best to use translucent powder that entirely hides the spell.

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