Test: Are you ready to commit?

When you have a relationship with someone there comes a time in which this takes a major turn and start to raise a new phase that goes beyond just dating, you do projects together, you think in the future, etc. However, many people believe that the only ones who are frightened by the commitment of men, but this is not entirely true, many women also fear the commitment and others desperately hope this time in full.

If you want to know if you're ready for the commitment made this simple test, take note of your answers and to know the final result:

1. Your best friend comes with the news that was going to marry her boyfriend, which takes 6 months of relationship, but congratulates you think ...

a. Some women do have luck, luckily I have not touched me.
b. But you're thinking if you do not know well.
c. Why did a wedding where I'm going to hold to, cry.

2. I imagine your ideal man ...

a. Sociable and independent.
b. Protector and secure.
c. Loving and caring.

3. This is a question to imagine ... I do a pregnancy test comes back positive, what's your reaction ...

a. You can not believe it and are looking to talk to someone. You go to your best friend to tell you what happens to you and help you decide.
b. The first thing you do is talk to your partner, and that only both of them lies the issue and decision.
c. I think as you say to your family.

4. The weekend will have travel plans with your friends, you prefer ...

a. Go to venture into many places where you can do whatever you want, but no one ever ate.
b. Rent a cottage with swimming pool just for you.
c. A club for vacation where there is everything.

5. Your partner has to travel to another country for work, you go with him? ...

a. I'm not sure, I have to look first if the country is to my taste and besides I have also plans for my life.
b. Of course, we love and would be a new experience that would make our relationship stronger.
c. Yes, but with the condition to marry before the trip and when he is fully confident I can make a decision.


Majority 'A'

No marriage

You are at a stage in your life when you're focused on your career, your friendships, your family and thousands of things that do not let you even think of a stable relationship with someone. You might at some point you meet your goals, get married and raise you give yourself to someone completely, but for now most important to you is your life.

Take this step to know you better, meet people, travel, improve yourself professionally and be happy. Come and other things like love.

Most b

Wedding bells ring
At the time you are in a stable or at least that's what you want, find someone to commit and get to take this big step. You know that marriage is a big commitment and you're mature enough to make your moments with friends and with your partner, so you assume the risks and challenges that come with marriage.

Most c

Love, love and more love
Your desire to marry or commit beyond, you love weddings, relationships, in order to love. But keep in mind that marriage is not just about passionate love, we must take the time to know your partner before making this decision, commitment, communication and honesty are more important than an engagement ring.

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