Air dry your hair

If we want a beautiful hair, so we take special care of our hair washing and drying it. However, many women become tedious and boring we use the dryer, let alone that makes noise, especially at certain times of day, it is almost impossible to use to dry our hair completely.

In this case, the option left is to let the hair air dry, but sometimes, if we do so, the result is anything but flattering: It winds, curls and takes forms that then we can not combed. To avoid this disaster, we offer a few tips to dry your hair without hair and optimum results:

If you have a heavy or very long hair, let it air dry can mean hours and hours with which to wet hair, especially in winter, not very desirable. To avoid this you can, after washing, wrap your hair in a very absorbent towel to remove excess water, but do not rub the hair to break and prevent curl. She then removes the towel and comb your hair with fingers or with a toothed comb. If your hair tends to curl when wet is the time to apply some anti-frizz product to avoid it.

To give more volume to your hair as it dries, just comb it with your fingers, lifting and dropping.

If you want to be gently rolling, a good idea is to make a braid while wet or if you prefer, you can make curly hair and then fasten it with pins. When it has dried completely, the result will surprise you.

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