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The second version of Umineko No Naku Koro Ni single by Akiko Shikata. This song is crazier than the previous version and in Italian language. However I like this song as well. Well, enjoy this.


Né regole Né comandamenti Né ragione
In altre parole: imprevedibile
   No rules, no commandments, no reasons
   In other word: unpredictable

Ma succede
Cose spiacevoli succedono
E io ne sono la causa
   Yet it happens
   Unpleasant things happen
   And I am the cause

Ancora non capisci?
   Do you still not understand?

Niente di cui nutrirmi
Mi fanno morire di fame
Mi fanno morire credendo di poter prevedere
   Nothing nourishes me
   They all starve me
   They kill me, believing that they can predict

Pagliacci, impazzite in sogni dorati
Sulla scena bagnata di colpe
   Clowns, driven crazy in golden dreams
   On a scene soaked in guilt

Caricato l'orologio rotto
anche stanotte si rialza il sipario della tragedia
   The broken clock is wounded
   Tonight, too, the tragedy's curtain has risen

Su, tenendoci per mano danziamo in infinita disperazione
Aperto il catenaccio, verso una unova gabbia
Fino alla fine di una notte che non avrà alba
   Come, let us dance in infinite despair, holding hands
   The bolt has opened, toward a new cage
   Till the end of a dawnless night

Beatrice! Maga crudele!
Di bellezza senza pari
Beatrice! Oh! Di dolcezza capricciosa
Mai potrò liberarmi dal tuo incantesimo
Se questa pena deve durare
almeno una volta abbi pietà
   Beatrice! Cruel Witch!
   Even though thy beauty is matched by none
   Beatrice! Thy sweetness binds me into eternity
   If thou doth not grant my wish of escaping from this suffering
   Then no matter how, for once, have mercy!

Piena di pianto è l'isola cupa e deserta
Sul suolo si riversa inesauribile tristezza
   Filled with crying voices, the dark and deserted island
   An inevitable sadness is pouring on the ground

Più volte s'attraversa il dedalo della disperazione
Aperta la porta sbarrata, ride la verità
   Again and again, despair's maze is crossed
   The barred door opened, truth laughs

Miscuglio d'amore e odio
s'alza stanotte il sipario d'una nuova commedia
   A mixture of love and hatred
   Tonight, a new comedy has lifted its curtain

Notte del giudizio
in cui ogni cosa è ridotta in cenere
L'afflizione delle offerte sacrificali sarà avvolta
nelle fiamme del purgatorio
   The night of judgement
   In which everything is reduced to ashes
   The sacrificial offerings' affliction will be engulfed
   In the flame of purgatory

Numerose le trappole già predisposte
Il segreto delle streghe rimarrà tale
   There lies countless predisposed traps
   The Witches' secret will remain as such

Su, affondate le unghie! Fino a farle cadere
Su, piangete e urlate! Fino a perdere la voce
Su, fuggite! Fino a perdere il respiro
   Come, plunge your nails! Until they fall
   Come, cry and scream! Until your voice is forever gone
   Come, run! Until you lose your breath

Sull' isola arsa dalla malvagità
   On this island consumed by wickedness

This song is purely in Italian language and hard to sing XD

Lyrics and translation : Lazy-Kun

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One of Harmonia - Akiko Shikata tracklist, and also my favorite song. Trust me, almost all of the song in Harmonia is great and beautiful. Great works to Akiko Shikata!

深呼吸したら 大好きなもの集めよう
アオイロ缶詰 作るために

shinkokyuu shitara daisuki na mono atsumeyou
aoiro kandume tsukuru tame ni
To hide favorite things I've collected
I made a blue can

光さす海の青 水底の群青
はじけゆく泡の 切ない水色

hikarisasu umi no ao minayoko no gunjou
hajikeyuku abuku no setsunai mizuiro
The blue ocean shining under sunlight, the ultramarine color of the deep sea
The painful cerulean color of bursting bubbles


kanashimi ga umidasu
kurayami ga afuretara
aoiro kandume motte
kimi ni ai ni yuku yo
Whenever I feel sad
Whenever sadness overflows
I hold my blue can
And go see you

泣かないでね 泣かないでね
涙色より深い 海の碧(あお)さをあげる
いつも一緒に 君と笑い合えるなら
僕の大好きを たくさんあげる

nakanaide ne nakanaide ne
namidairo yori fukai umi no aosa wo ageru
itsumo issho ni kimi to warai aeru nara
boku no daisuki wo takusan ageru
Don't cry, don't cry
Instead of tears, I give you blue color of the sea
If I can always be together with you, laughing
I will give you many beloved things

見上げた空が 何処までも綺麗で
アオイロ缶詰に しまいこんだ

miageta sora ga dokomademo kirei de
aoiro kandume ni shimaikonda
The sky above, the marvelous landscapes
I hid them all in my blue can

風に揺れる花は 清らかな藍色
ひとつ摘み取って 君に届けよう

kaze ni yureru hana ha kyorakana aiiro
hitotsu tsumi totte kimi ni todokeyou
The flower swaying in the wind has a pure indigo color
I pick up one of them and send it to you

胸の奥 染めてく

mune no oku someteku
BLUE na kimochi datte
itsuka ha sumiwataru
aozora ni kaette yuku yo
Even the blue feeling
Dying the inner depths of my heart
Will one day become clear
And turn back to the color of blue sky

泣かないでね 泣かないでね
世界を彩る 素敵なものをあげる
ずっと一緒に 君と信じあえるなら
僕はいつだって がんばれるんだ

nakanaide ne nakanaide ne
sekai wo irodoru suteki na mono wo ageru
zutto issho ni kimi to shinjiaeru nara
boku ha itsudatte ganbarerunda
Don't cry, don't cry
I give you so many beautiful colors of the world
If I can always be together with you, believing in you
I will always do my best

心の迷路が 灰色にくすむと
大事なものも 見えなくなるから

kokoro no meiro ga haiiro ni kusumu to
daijina mono mo mienakunarukara
My heart's maze dulls into gray
Because I can't find my precious things


sonna toku ha douka
omoidashite hoshii yo
POCKET no naka ni aru
kimi no aoiro kandume wo
When that time comes
Please remind me
That, inside my pocket
Is your blue can

泣かないでね 泣かないでね
零れた涙は 海の碧に溶けるよ
ずっと一緒に 君と笑い合えるなら
僕はいつだって がんばれるんだ

nakanaide ne nakanaide ne
koboreta namida ha umi no ao ni tokeruyo
zutto issho ni kimi to warai aeru nara
boku ha itsudatte ganbarerunda
Don't cry, don't cry
Tear drops will soon melt into blue color of the sea
If I can always be together with you, laughing
I will always do my best

Lyrics (romaji) : Blacksaber
Translation : Lazy-Kun

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In people's life, money has an important role in fulfilling their needs. Many people work hard to get money. This time I want to talk again about financial problem that most people happened. The problem I mention is when your money runs out from your pocket. At the result you don't have any money with you. You can't buy anything for your daily needs. When it happens, what will you do? That is it, why not to do something in order to solve such financial problems? There are several answer depend on your thoughts.

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To handle about financial matter is not an easy thing. You must be wise to manage your finance in your household, if you a father. If you're a mother, don't waste your husband's money because you could make him mad because of loan :).

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