Hairstyles with headband

The tiaras are a complement of beauty in our hair. Depending on the occasion, we can choose simple or sophisticated, but what is certain is that, well chosen, can give a touch of class and even help to keep hair that would otherwise be almost impossible to handle if we want to loose.

We can choose between different headset models from simple felt that simply helps us to collect the hair to those with rhinestones or feathers, accessories that can be used for social gatherings and even weddings. If we prefer we can choose them with floral motifs, which will give a touch naive and carefree to our appearance.

Of course, remember not to ever use the headband with a ponytail. It's a combination that, far from encouraging, hurt your image.

Here are a number of hairstyles to look Headset:

The simplest and most usual is to let your hair down and then put on a headband. This look is ideal for work or for a more informal. The best thing here is to back comb the hair with a brush and then, if you want to give volume, slightly thistle top with a comb.

If you have long hair straight or wavy you can take lightly. If you have short hair or medium hair, smoothing to the crown does not give you a childish aspect.

You can get picked up half her hair in a bun at the nape of the neck. If you have bangs, great, let loose and wear the headband behind the ears. This will give you a sophisticated look ideal for any party you want to go fixed.

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