Prepare your skin for makeup fat

One of the most complicated facial makeup is undoubtedly the oily skin. For many products that we apply it is very difficult to avoid being shiny face, or makeup is not fixed either by an excess of sebum on the skin.

Moreover, if we choose a type of makeup improper, we clog the pores, causing pimples and increase black dots that often characterize this type of skin. However, all is not lost, because if we prepare the skin properly before applying makeup, we will avoid glare and our makeup is perfect.

Make-up before we apply an astringent tonic that removes excess skin and fat after fluid moisturizer for combination or oily skin. We will pay close attention to the choice of this cream, which is based on looking water as if it is a cream too fat, the appearance of brightness and pimples are almost guaranteed.

As for makeup applications, we can choose the makeup fluid, which has a light texture and is particularly suitable for these skins. Just make sure when you buy it, that is formulated with oils, as some who are.

When we do apply makeup with small taps. If you prefer a brush, remember to clean after each use to remove deposits that may remain. If you prefer, you can also use a face powder, which often give a matte effect to the skin very advisable for oily skin.

Finally, if you still preparing the skin appears shiny, it is best to use a anti-glare wipes to achieve control. A good idea is to always carry some in the bag to touch up from time to time.

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