Get a perfect smile

A smile is something that everyone likes to receive, especially if it's a beautiful smile. It's a great letter, which makes us feel comfortable and accepted and shows our personality. Smiling makes us feel good and feel good to those around us. To do not need to look a smile like that of film actresses, but if you have a beautiful smile is necessary to pay attention to teeth, lips and breath.

Teeth: According to experts, just an annual review to keep our mouths in perfect condition. A careful and bleached teeth make your smile look more beautiful and bright. If your teeth yellow for snuff or coffee, go to the dentist make you a whitening treatment that will not damage your teeth and brush your teeth with products that will help protect them from decay and maintain their white color.

Lips: Keep them moisturized to prevent cracking or cut, which will cause the appearance of small pieces of skin that are very unsightly. If you have sensitive lips using moisturizers such as cocoa or vaseline, so they are protected and hydrated throughout the year. In summer, do not forget to apply sunscreen.

Breath: A smile can be marred by bad breath. To avoid this you should see a dentist regularly, and you brush your teeth three times a day, not forgetting to brush the tongue. If you smoke or take too much coffee tries to always have mint gum or sprays to keep your breath fresh at all times.

Caring for these three aspects can smile openly, because your smile will look radiant and beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

thank for info
blog ini cukup ramai sekali , penataanya juga cukup bagus ditambah dengan artikel yang bagus pula , sungguh sangat sempurna !!!
Salam Kenal !!!
Jangan lupa berkunjung ke blog saya
Terima kasih

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