Check your hair while doing sports

When practicing sport, whatever our choice, few things are as annoying as to note how our hair is attached to the neck due to sweat or hair falls over his eyes us from seeing in comfort, which is a great nuisance and long we ended up getting nervous and moody.

To avoid this we introduce a number of ways to hold your hair that allow you to play sports in comfort while looking good.

Braids: For this look you can use small rubber or elastic bands of colors, giving you a casual and fun.

If you bob, you can get two small braids and tie them back in a ponytail. If your hair is long and abundant, it is best to make a single braid to keep the hair in place, and to prevent loose strands fall on your face using hairpins or a rubber band to secure. Finally, if you have short hair you can choose between you two mini-queues or place a wide elastic band to hold your hair.

back of the neck and give you heat. You must always use rubber bands or rubber bands to hold and never metal clips because they might make you hurt if you fall playing sports.

Do not have nothing to hold you hair? Do not worry. In this case it is best to improvise a headband using an old shirt that will definitely at home. What you have to do is cut strips of thick sleeve that you see fit for your hair. Then just attach it to your head to hold your hair. If you have old shirts you agenciarte color with a nice set of different tapes.

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