Moisturize dry hair naturally

When we have very dry hair, the cake, curling and find it really difficult to comb. This situation is worse in winter if exposed to the wind and cold in summer or for long hours under the sun. Gradually, our hair loses shine, it becomes dull and becomes brittle appearance. It is at this point that you should apply a moisturizing treatment for your hair back to health.

One way of achieving this is to apply olive oil to your hair, which will help to soften, strengthen and brighten. If you opt for this treatment, the best, though it is winter, do it in a sunny day. Thus, after the oil apply yourself, you go into the sun because the heat will help it to be absorbed more by your hair and the result is better.

If your hair is too fine olive oil applied directly can harm you. In this case you should add some conditioner to your hair and use this mixture every time you wash your hair.

You can also use the banana to moisturize. Make a masaarilla for your hair crushing a banana with a fork and mixed with a tablespoon of lemon juice and a sunflower oil. Apply on hair and leave on for half an hour. The hair will be very soft and manageable.

Another mask that you can try is a hot soy mask. You will need a teaspoon of soybean oil, and two of castor oil. Mix both oils in a pan and heat to a simmer. Being careful not to apply it is very hot on the hair and wrap your hair in a hot towel. Leave on for fifteen minutes and finally wash your hair as usual. You'll notice how your hair regains its luster and health.

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