Protect your eyes by wearing eyeliner

Certainly applying eyeliner makes our eyes to acquire a magnetic and captivating touch that greatly increases the attractiveness of our face.

But sometimes, especially if we are regular users of the liner, eventually irritate our eyes, we sting, dry out and end up red and looks deplorable because some product is introduced into them when we applied it.

Since the care of our eyes is as important as our image, if these symptoms it is best to apply yourself to leave the liner for a few days and apply a neutral eye drops soothe the irritation and dryness of your eyes. Once you have recovered, you can follow these tips Apply eyeliner without damaging your eyes:

  • Do not use eyeliner with glitter: Although it appears on the packaging that the product is suitable for application to the eyes, you should be careful in applying those with shiny, especially if you wear contact lenses or if your eyes are very sensitive. The particles that make the eyeliner introduced shine in your eyes and irritated throughout the day. You apply from time to time, but at times you're not going to be makeup for hours.
  • Sharpen your pencil before applying: Though sometimes it is easier to implement when the pen tip is less, being this thick, it is more likely that product particles entering the eyes, and you can even damage while your makeup.
  • If you wear contact lenses, remember that you must first put the lenses, then Apply the eyeliner and then the shadows. When you go to removing make-up, take off the lenses first and then the make-up.

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