Having a piercing and rebellious gaze

You can get a deep look and rebellious using a little glitter. To achieve this look checked, it is advisable to choose black as the shadow to the line of the eyes, and pearl gray to tear area and get a touch of color and light to your eyes.

Then apply eye stripe on the upper eyelid and also below. The thickness may vary depending on how bold you are, but extreme caution when going to outline the lower lid if you want to get too artificial raccoon effect.

To be a more natural look, but just as pervasive, use an eye shadow in black matte or small bright flashes. Well to extend it smooth. The final touch will get through the glitter, that you should apply sparingly on the upper eyelid. It is important to be well & blended, for it uses a cotton swab.

Finally, do not recharge your lips. Ideally, use a matte color as the nude or a simple gloss. Do not forget that the face is enhanced with an eye or mouth, but never both at once because you run the risk of going too extreme.

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