Yesterday's Love

Thousands of memories piled up in the heart ... you just find yourself with an old flame, it is inevitable to relocate to the surface feelings detached from experiences will remain.

It is very likely that the way in which we confront this kind of casual encounters in your life will depend on whether there is established a strong sentimental love or, conversely, you go through lonely times. But even in the two situations may happen not to have closed a chapter of the past which now makes you feel new, albeit temporary.

The recommendation is to abandon the attachments that make you suffer or put you in tight situations Are you stuck in the past? Then it would be good that you submit to psychoanalysis in order to find the reasons and thus achieve a breakthrough. What matters is the present, and if at the present time are well matched and fully enjoy the partner, why complicate your life or complicate it to the other?

When you select a couple charge a relevant past behaviors of the family, the treatment of parents, siblings, uncles, grandparents. We must break the cycle of a stormy Sunday: You can get it! A relationship does not deserve to go through many problems of instability punctuated. From generation to generation behavior patterns are playing: the misconduct likely to be imitated by children.

It is best to revive the past together in a friendly only. On numerous occasions, managed to "get well " with the former and although at the moment of the break should heal wounds, over the years may bring out a beautiful friendship.

Buddha made ​​it clear that we

Happiness and misery depend on how to address the events, not the nature of the events themselves.

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pendarbintang said...

Love is love and it will not hurt :D

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