Beyond the Romanticism

Finding and keeping love in our lives, it is too simple. The values ​​of each person are very important when it starts having a new relationship. Do not confuse romance with dreams, that is why it is necessary to keep our life the way more real, but we've all been through those moments of daydreaming to start dating.

Relying exclusively on the romance, does not meet all the needs of one. There are other aspects of affection that is worth cultivating: devotion, friendship, commitment, etc.. So that relations have a good base we must strive to find a real deep connection with another person. Here are some tips that may help:

  • Do not complicate the relationship too, are simple approaches
  • Tell the truth
  • Be polite, sweet, polite, soft, etc.
  • Try to forget and forgive
  • Look at the positive things that person
  • Moléstate to know your partner
  • Clearly tell the things you love and not
  • Talk to common sense
  • Listen carefully and sensitivity
  • It is up to the other person so they know you are near
  • Accept your flaws. Admitting that you've made a mistake a lot to help the two and make you more confident
  • Learn to say "sorry"is very important, just like to thank
  • Learn to respect and to match the little things that the other person can provide
  • Do everything possible to help your partner

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