Virtual love

This is a time of great technological advances, and with them the emergence of new ways to communicate with others and even get to find a partner: the Internet.

But are they real romance relationships just wishful thinking or just temporary? Many couples who love each other in the distance and even take months to be physically.

The main problem of these love stories is the risk of idealizing the other person. Outside of daily life, anguish and haste is easier to think that the person on the other hand, we understand perfectly every time. Equally relevant is the fact that both are the best time to chat because it is not the same haste, to take the time to devote himself completely to another person.

Another of the problems faced by these "cyber romances"is that over time the feelings may cool as it is necessary to feel in daily contact for the love grows stronger and real. Otherwise, it requires that certain everyday life of each, for the relationship to become stronger and feel that there are more than cyber sensations.

Indeed love distance required to maintain the hope of being together someday. One reason to fight in these types of relationships to somehow compensate this lack of physical contact, so vital in relationships. It is known to be in love brings beneficial consequences for health and general condition of the people. It also increases levels and strengthen our immune system.

In certain cases, some couples will come to live real romance online and in others, did not pass an illusion but in any event if you feel true love will be worth a try.

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