Partner and childhood memories

Who has not dreamed of small to Prince or Princess Charming? Probably by the time slots stories or children who have reached the depths of your tiny being longed to feel the fact wrapped in the arms of the beloved.

When you are young, go away the moment you join that special man or woman. But there are the loves of childhood are the most pure and authentic! Full of innocence tends to strip the magic of emotions and that leads to live carelessly and with intensity every time. The passage of time ticking away, and then enter fully into the teens ... You're going to jump on a springboard to attract the opposite sex sensually. And later, as a more mature stage, maybe you have clear and decide to marry, you know love in your skin.

The fact is that most of the ideals or feelings wrought in our hearts with respect to the desired partner, are rooted in childhood memories. Sometimes, those born into a family where true love triumphs looking for something similar to move to their relationship. Others find it hard to believe in the idea of love as his experience has been punctuated by the son of a couple whose members are still together despite not sustained. Probably it will not attach to anything or anyone does not want to end up like his parents miserable and bitter. Finally the children of divorced parents are aware that there is no Prince Charming. Passion is something that will not last forever but can be transformed into beautiful love and understanding and keep it within the couple, or a friendship.

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