Surviving the distance

Love always comes to someone you have at your side and little by little you know but what happens if that person has to go too far? The distance love, not child's play. The first reaction I usually have people who know that their love has to go somewhere else, it is not good. But if you think about it, you'll realize that such relationships are not an impossible feat.

Of course, your relationship will need more and commitment. Both need to know that while your partner is not around, you have all your support. The two will have to know that you love so intense. Having settled this question, the rest is relatively easy. How you will have to avoid the problems? Very simple: focus on what you feel about each other and forget the petty quarrels and unnecessary confrontations.

Tolerance must become one of your traveling companions. In addition, honesty must be one of your strengths. You must not fall into the ambiguity that necessarily give rise to insecurity. Try to keep out of insecurity and that could become one of your biggest enemies. Keep the heat up your relationship always be very important.

Try sending a letter written before email. Shares how are you, your partner will feel more important. Do not forget to maintain constant communication but not overwhelming. The surprises will pick up the reins of the relationship. Each surprise that you perceive (unexpected travel, gifts ...) will allow you to experience unforgettable moments.

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