First love

Those first loves were in the past because you loved intensely but never came to share your life with them. It has been many years and is engraved in your heart the sentimental memories of yesterday, even obsessively ... Above all, it comes to mind the old image of being loved when you go through difficult times in your life.

The first loves romances are often beautiful, intense that originate, for example, in school. The first love is an awakening to a wide range of feelings that we had not seen before by anyone. Sincerity is skin-deep and more than ever desire to give everything crops.

Teens are matched and delivered to the depths of his soul just to be together with your partner. However, as it grows this flame of love can transform. And is that a person of 19 years has a very different mind a person of 32.

But there are also cases where the first love is installed permanently and so both partners make a home with deep roots. What is undoubtedly a fact is that the first love always leave a mark on you and for many people in the world's first love is hard to forget.

Arouse certain feelings are usually thought to be forgotten after a long time when you meet with your first love. Sometimes the link is so strong, who had given up, which can reassemble a couple or even cause major problems when everyone has by his side a formal affair.

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