Maintain a distance relationship

In a circumstances it may happen that have to be separated from your partner for a long period of time and can not share the day to day with her​​. However, that does not mean it is impossible to maintain the relationship despite the difficulties of being apart. Here are some tips for long distance relationships do not extinguish the flame of love.

Conviction. Remember at all times that this bond that unites you do not have to break to live separately from your partner circumstantially. Love goes far beyond and joint projects can still be met.

Communication. The main cause of disaffection in a mate is the lack of communication. The key will be to overcome the distance to stay connected permanently. You can talk by phone, email or viewed through a webcam. It is not the same as personal contact, but this means a lot to help you continue feeding the relationship and the desire to be together.

Mutual trust. The basis for a working couple is mutual trust, without that it makes no sense that a couple do together. So when also the large distances separating, love can be completed. Trust in his word. Surely not to run for pleasure, but out of necessity or job.

Honesty and reflection. Distance is likely to entail difficult times, moral lows that can open certain questions. It is therefore important that you reflect on the relationship and tell your partner how you feel. Always committed to the utmost sincerity, but together you can express and find what you need to feel better and overcome long-distance relationship.

Share life. Create a common life project is central to all couples. It is true that at the moment, you can not live together, but anything that you and your partner much better. Try to tell absolutely everything, even the most insignificant, both your fears and your accomplishments and joys.

Together whenever possible. Will be the most expected. Will be crucial for both you and your partner, you can keep the desire to be, despite the distance that separates them. If you have time, do not hesitate to find time to travel or for your partner. While moving can be expensive, the company has its rewards.

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