Remember your first love

The stories of eternal love, overcoming great obstacles. The enigma of love is something that today can not yet explain. Almost everyone has fond memories of his first love, and often posed him back. There were times it was almost blasphemous to consider love again to a former partner. We grow up with fairy tale romances and love stories in which love conquers all.

The first kiss is unforgettable. It's almost like an explosion of happiness I want to experience again and again, but alas! It only happens once for most of us. The first time you're in love with someone, you become someone who loses some of its will. Our mind has a strange fixation with most of the first things to go first in our lives.

The first romance is etched in our memory and time seems to add layers of memories that never fail to cover it. Sometimes, a volcanic eruption rocks the layers of memory and love addiction, obsessive thoughts of reconnecting with the first love resurfacing. They say time heals everything, but sometimes the memories of the sweet moments we share with that special someone emerge again.

These are the moments when you think back to find that first love and forget everything around us, to be with that person that we think will be best for us. Remember that if you're with us that first love for something is right?

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