Tripping over a thousand times in the same stone

Can love be a stumbling block? The reality is yes. There are falls that hurt you as much or more than if you had fallen from a seventh floor and without a parachute. But the hard way, one also learns to love. With age you discover that life is worth living no love at all costs. There are people living a story even if it means losing one's dignity.

Perhaps this statement sounds harsh. But that is Rosetta Forner coach and writes books about the area of ​​partner insists over and over again the need to care for their dignity to learn to love. Who is the person who really loves you? That person you see your light, I encourage you to be you yet and you closer to your essence.

Those who face a thousand times in the same stone go through life feeling sorry for themselves for a past they do not realize that they themselves are responsible. And it's true, we all have a degree of responsibility in the choice we made love. Any decision entails paying a greater or lesser degree.

Most people have a story behind that hurt them in your life. The attitude that everyone takes this situation is totally different. The proper attitude to fail is to give you the opportunity to rectify and trust that you are worthy of a better love. Starting with the love you have for yourself. Sometimes the biggest problem begins with thinking you have to settle for anything because maybe that person never appears to be really special.

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