Mature love

Mature love is the kind of love that is done in couples who have spent years and years of marriage. At some point, people are together for what they really want to be together I care about anything else. The mature love is characterized by acceptance, emotional support, commitment, peace, respect, caring, kindness, friendship and consideration that dominate the relationship.

There comes a time when love is looking through a window in an imaginary room in which it can be seen over the years and the company that has chosen to live the rest of the day. There are people who look out the window when you realize that a train has gone ahead and not been caught. At such times we must step back and think why not get on that train elected.

Love becomes a work of two, we have to "sign" every day. During their life together, we must grow together as people and worry about because the rule in the pair. Although love arises in very old people, it always wants to shout from every corner of the universe without fear of possible failure that can always occur.

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