Strengthening VGA Signal

What do you do when you meet a blurry image let alone you want to make a good presentation? The answer is to use VGA extender. This device can strengthen the VGA signal so that you can have a high quality image. It is not only that. You can also displaying video in more than one monitor or screen in one time. It is so useful in schools, offices, or exhibitions where you need to display video in some monitors.

The VGA Extender can also connect the source device such as computer or laptop to destination devices that are 150 meters away. It is because the VGA extender uses network cable. The network cable can reach up to that distance. In order to use VGA extender, you don’t need any software. All VGA extender can also work with any operating systems.

In general, the VGA extender connects with the destination devices through RJ45 port. You can also connect a repeater to it so that you may reach a distance of 300 meters or even 450 meters. The VGA extender consists of local unit that will connect with source device and remote unit that will connect with destination device. In addition, the VGA extender can also bring audio signal so that you can have both high quality video and high quality sound.

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