Dignity in love

Dignity is an inherent human quality, based on each person's dignity that is invaluable. However, sometimes, that dignity is used out of context or the wrong way. For example, they say in love, when a person is faced with another that does not belong: "have dignity." When someone puts it this way, somehow, you're saying, simply, have pride, do not let you say no, get enforced. But the truth is that, in a sense, pride is not too good when it comes to love.

We must have dignity in love, but just to be taken into friendship and your privacy as an individual. But no loss of dignity because of "pleading" in some ways the love of another person. Simply, this is a behavior that the correct subject in question at some point when you realize that it does not take you anywhere and furthermore, there is nothing that is so unattractive as to convey the fact despair. Your life and your happiness does not depend on that someone else or not applicable.

You are an emotional tools to be independent enough to feel good about yourself. Anyone who has felt something important in your life know that you can do crazy things for love and when you just go by feeling, you can not control. Maybe later, over the months and years you will regret but that does not mean you lost your dignity.

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