Rekindling the flame of love

Divorce is a common phenomenon in our society today. When the former are asked why they have separated, the normal motives are "irreconcilable differences" or infidelity by one of the two. This may sound a bit naive, but a marriage would not have irreconcilable differences or both spouses seek solace in another person if the love had not gone in the relationship. Love was the one who joined the pair and the flame extinguished, turned off everything.

To fan the flame of love and keep this away, married couples must make the effort to add new things and continuously in your life. Here are some tips that can help.

. Romantic dinners in the candlelight
Such dinners are always romantic. Check your partner's face in shadow can add a background of mystery for a long time did not want to solve. This type of meals you can bring good memories. In addition, there is nothing better than a long dinner, to start a good conversation with another person.

2. special dates
Couples should never forget your important dates. It is also well set one night a week for two. That special night can be for a movie, dinner out, etc..

3. Games
Sex is also very important, so try to play a lot. Many couples perform role plays to perform some of their fantasies. Enjoy your games.

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