Love that hurt

We have all suffered for love, somehow or other we have broken my heart. There are loves that hurt. Love is one of the most beautiful feelings that exist, purifies the soul and stirs emotions incredible. However, some people love and are loved in an inappropriate manner, turning love into an addiction to pain. Do not let this happen, put aside the pain and learn to live a healthy love.

Never go into contradictions. Love can not be linked to hate, or one or the other. One of the characteristics of love is expressed in a sickly constant contradiction between individuals who love and hate, and refuse to protect, care and neglect.

Do not let it generate pathological jealousy that ends in the appearance of irrational behaviors that make someone a detective in the life of another, generating the relationship in a trial. Remember that jealousy is not good because they create and complete obsession clouding reality.

Try to avoid emotional dependence. People can live alone, although we make difficult, need not be a partner to become equally happy. Life is full of surprises and wonderful things. If all the pleasure is concentrated on your partner, you have a clear tendency to be unhappy, then the relationship certainly does not end well. Not finding satisfaction outside the relationship is a serious indication that your relationship is not working and that something must change soon.

Despite being in love, never under any circumstances tolerate the physical and psychological violence. For that to happen, avoid a vicious circle of stress, abuse, violence, repentance, forgiveness and false love. If you are stuck ask for help. Do not hide your reality, do not feel shame for what is happening to you. This is the only mistake you can not commit. You deserve better and are sure to find time to that person you get to be completely happy.

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