Differences between desire and love

Desire is the beginning of love, that is, any person begins to feel something for someone from a kind of attraction that is called desire or taste. Want a person because you feel beautiful, special and different. In short, if you want a person begins a seduction process that may culminate in love. Or rather, and here's the difference between desire and love, more than one occasion, the desire is only that: desire, pure taste that will not go further. In life you might find different people attractive, however, which will be a wake up more of your true interest.

When true desire culminates in love, that is, leads to the feeling. The truth is that it is also nice that beyond a couple to take many years of marriage still exists between them and may wish to look in a beautiful eyes. Knowing that both mean so much to each other. Sometimes, the routine ends up killing the love of sheer inertia.

Desire is a very poetic word and that is also part of the dictionary's own love. You could create a poem of beautiful sentences and give it to your partner: "I want you to be happy," "I want you to always be with me," "I want to change your life." You could think of phrases from the original to give to this word.

In a love story, at first the desire is very high and the feeling is very low. By contrast, over the years, love grows directly decreases while increasing desire. The law of time also exerts its impact on a lasting romance. And for you ... What is desire? What are the differences between it and love?

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Elvirah said...

Desire definitely comes first, and desire for me would something general, i can desire for many things in my life, but can love only few.

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