Previously, I told you about problems where I can't continue to play Ar Tonelico 2 when I engage battle with Raki in Sol Marta. So that is it, thanks for Lazy-san and Thunder-san for the advice on the comment section. US version of Ar Tonelico definetely has a bad, very bad quality. No matter that your DVD is original or not, you will face same problems as mine.

According 2 of my friends, I must beat Raki within 3 turns. If you not, Raki will cast a special move that will make your game you played terminated or hang. 3 turns seems impossible, but I managed to try it. Here is the strategy I use to beat Raki.

I use Croix and Amarie as vanguard in level 60 and Cloche and Jacqli as Reyvateil. Don't forget to equip girl Power. In the first turn I using red magic (all red magic is okay, up to you). Make sure that you can boost your burst gauge. When you enter defend phase, you must guarding form enemy's attack perfectly. In second phase, activate Replakia, at least you must have 10 I.P.D to boost your attack. You still have the chance to boost your song magic. Then release your red magic in third turn, Raki shall defeat.

I must say that NIS America's works is quite bad. The first one is the retranslation result. Less voice dubbing in US version than the original JP version. Many terms has been changed. And then this fatal glitch like this. I'm sure that many people has annoyed with that because I often find their complaintments about Raki's problem" in some forums. For now I hope that NISA will improve their works and quality or it will decrease people's interest about game they managed.

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thundercloud82 said...

Glad to have helped.

Oh, and you should definitely have way more than 10 IPDs in your Replekia formation by that point in the game. The first time through I had 40 something, but closer to 70 or 80 is best. That'll help out a ton for finishing off Raki quick.

harry seenthing said...

nice place in here

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