Finally, I was waiting for this one. The newest album of Akiko shikata, Harmonia. It will be released on March 18, 2009. The preorder links can be found at Amazon and Neowing. According to her blog, Shikata is very happy about this album. Everyone including me just wandering about this. According to its album contents, Umineko No Naku Koro Ni and Amnesia also included. I just pick some information from Harmonia official site. There is a few information I can get. However I still waiting for someone who upload it and share it freely. That's impossible if I must buy it because I don't have money :), I love free stuff, guys.

Harmonia Tracklist:

  1. Chouwa ~Fuurai no Shirabe~ (調和~風来の調べ~)
  2. Harukanaru Tabiji (遥かなる旅路)
  3. Kiseki (軌跡)
  4. Kaze to Rashinban (風と羅針盤)
  5. Chouwa ~Homura no Kyoumei~ (調和~焔の共鳴~)
  6. Uzumibi (埋火)
  7. Repurikaare (レプリカーレ)
  8. Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~Rengoku~ (うみねこのなく頃に~煉獄~)
  9. Chouwa ~Utakata no Komoriuta~ (調和~泡沫の子守唄~)
  10. Kuon no Umi (久遠の海)
  11. Aoiro Kandzume (アオイロ缶詰)
  12. Tsuisou Hana (追想花)
  13. Chouwa ~Daichi no Sanka~ (調和~大地の讃歌~)
  14. Utau Oka (謳う丘) ~Salavec rhaplanca.~
  15. Amnesia
  16. Chouwa (調和) ~Harmonia~
  17. Harmonia ~Minatenu Chi e~ (~見果てぬ地へ~)
Okey, I have banner for Shikata. Just copy and paste the code below to put it on you blog.

UPDATE : Harmonia by Akiko Shikata is available to download. Click here to download via Mediafire. Thank for Thunder-san for uploading it.

Harmonia Akiko Shikata

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depthcharge101 said...

My tracklist!

Haha jk. I've preordered it, although I think it'd take more than a week to arrive. Pretty sure the internet would have it before my copy comes.

Looking forward to it.

Viorate said...

I preordered this weeks ago with Express Shipping from YesAsia so hopefully I will have it 3 days after the release!

VERY much looking forward to this!

Orica said...

Good to hear. I hope you don't mind to share it to everyone.

depthcharge101 said...

Hmm isn't CDJapan cheaper? They sell at base price unlike YesAsia.

Viorate said...

I normally order from YesAsia because of the free standard shipping but yeah in this case with express shipping, I should've ordered it from CDJapan.

che_3z said...

good..i like AKIKO SHIKATA..:)

franchise said...

good album... I like it.. :)

x-independent-x said...

Thanks alot! This album soungs great! I can't wait to listen.

c-requiem said...

I just downloaded the 320kbps version. most of it was good. The song umineko was a bit different from the original album though. I'd prefer the original song

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing!
The album sounds great :) I like the Umineko version, it's a bit different from the original, but this sounds much better (:

Orica said...

You're right. Umineko in Harmonia version is crazier than the original version. But I love it.

joe said...

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