Talking about travel is also interesting to me, this time I want to see around Budapest, the capital of Hungaria. This city the one of famous tourism spot in the world because there are a wonder of the world that protected by the goverment. Other special thing about Budapest is it also known as "Queen of Danube". Sounds like interesting and worth to visit when I see how beautiful is it. I just remember about Budapest travel that I found when I surfing on internet. It can be helpful when someday I have plan to take travel to Budapest.

According that site, I don't need to worried because there are also a Budapest hotel, a 4-stars hotel in the heart of city. I can stay there at anytime as long I traveled in Budapest. Compeletly memorable things I never forget if I decide to take this travel for real, maybe someday it shall be come true that I can feel the freedom in my heart.

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sulaimanzi said...

wah nice info..
saya Belom pernah kesana mas.
seneng denger ceritanya..
keep blogging!

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