Previously on Orica's Gentle Tones, I have wrote about the new album of Akiko Shikata, Harmonia. I'm about to enjoy the album since I got it from Thunder-san. But I want to share it to everyone as well. Recently I put the download link for Harmonia, it can be find in this post. Really, this album is so great. A beautiful and dignity voice of Akiko Shikata are heart-warming.

For me, Shikata has a mysterious voice and contains dark feeling. Just different with Haruka Shimotsuki's voice which filled with happy feelings in most of her songs. For the consideration, Hartes Ciel Melenas Walasye (Ar Tonelico 2), Ashiato Rythm, and Oto No Compass. And Shikata's song which filled with dark feelings in most Ar Tonelico album such EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION Omness Chs Ciel Sos Infel/., EXEC_PAJA#Misha Extracting/., so compatible with war song, battle background. Even in Harmonia this dark and destructive feeling is still felt. But sometimes Shikata's voice can be soft and child-like, can be found at Suiren, Navigatoria.

Akiko Shikata also become one of main song composer in Ar Tonelico series after Haruka Shimotsuki and Akira Tsuchiya. How about Noriko Mitose? She compose nothing, so she can't be counted.

So, why not I talk about other famous Japanese singers? Shikata has a specialization than the others, I think. She has talent to sing in multiple language. not only Japanese, her song In Italian language also great and it can be found in Sorriso. However, Shikata's song in Italian also dominating most of her album. Raggi Di Primavera and Luna Piena in RAKA and also Umineko No Naku koro Ni (Harmonia version). She also shown Greek culture by Istoria album, which she sung it in Greek. I hope she also can sing in Indonesian or Javanese language, hahaha, just kidding and don't get it seriously, Shikata-san :).

That's about my short opinion about Akiko Shikata, my admiration of her. I always looking forward for the next albums of her.

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