When I open my eyes every morning, first thing I do is prepare for a cup of tea and enjoying it under the morning sunlight. Because tea is one of my favorite drink which I consumed a lot and it's so tasty when I pouring the tea from the teapots to my teacup. Talking about tea, this is the most beverage that people consumed in entire world. Just like when I was in Japan for several month, the househost is always offers a green tea to the guest. Tea is also believed able to prolonged human's age and cure certain disease like cancer and cholesterol.

In my family, tea tradition was a custom at most of family event. Every morning they have a breakfast tea in the diningroom. By the way, I want to mention an online tea store I found when I googling, Englishteastore.com. This website has a fresh appearance when I explore it. As I said that it's an online tea store, you can buy all kind of tea there with low cost. It's affordable and the quality is nothing to doubt. Some fragrant teas can be found there. Not only teas, they also provides some Easter stuff like Easter eggs with high-quality chocolate and completed with an Easter baskets.

After exploring this site, now I know that I can get my favorite tea, simply by make an order. Well, have a pleasant day with your tea on your dining table.

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Viorate said...

I love tea. I have at least one different kind everyday - traditional, green, Earl Gray, camomile, peppermint, blackcurrant and Oolong but I'm always on the lookout for any new ones I will love.

Any recommendations?

Rayza said...

I love tea so much...
tea is very refreshing body.. :D
thanks for share...

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