Today I feels not good. I have some problems about game Ar Tonelico 2. When I reach for last phase (exactly in Sol Marta), when I engaged battle with Raki, suddenly it's hang or malfuncting. I wonder how can it happen, according my master, the DVD I used to play has worst quality. Of course because I know that's not real DVD ( in other words it's a "bajakan"). Damn, I still can't compelete Ar Tonelico 2, in fact my friends like Gio and Cocona jelek has been compeleted ALL of the storyline. Only me and Shi who still left behind T_T.

One more problems, why can't I continue to explore Cloche's cosmosphere? When I tried to dive, Infel said that I can't Dive to Cloche's anymore. So, how about the next song magic? Anybody can help me? Or give some guide to finish it? If no one help me, I'm not sure hat I will continue to writing to this blog, or I shall descend this blog to Cocona jelek (although I'm not agree about it, she will ruin this blog). Pleeeease......

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exelinca said...

Ck ck ck ck, how pathetic? You're the one who gave me that "DVD bajakan", isn't it?

Lazy said...

All Ar tonelico 2 US version discs have a fatal glitch, and always hang during the battle against Rhaki if you don't defeat her fast enough (within 2 or 3 turns). You can check our forums, there are information on how to avoid this glitch.

As for unable to dive deeper into Chroche, did you pick her during Phase 1? If you didn't, you cannot dive any deeper than level 5. If you did pick her during Phase 1, did you dive deeper than level 5 into Jakuri? If you do, then you're stuck with Jakuri ending, and can only dive into Jakuri for the rest of your current playthrough.

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