Tips to make up thin lips

While Hollywood stars have been commissioned to extend the craze for sensual and fleshy lips, these are not conducive equally to all female faces, and many women are much more attractive with her natural lips, although thin, with lips artificial collagen fillers, often with a result a bit unsightly.

As with any part of the face, make-up trick is knowing how to capitalize on our lips and get that fine or not, become sexy and attractive. Here we are some tips to get started:

  • Remove from your cosmetic bag cosmetic tones or dark mates, and that emphasize the thinness of the lips. Instead you should choose light colors, preferably with pearl or metallic shine, because they produce a volume effect naturally.
  • Please add to your daily ritual of applying makeup gloss lip gloss, which will also feel fuller lips. Some homes offer lip gloss with a hint of pepper that makes your lips swell slightly, gaining more volume, but you must not overuse these products.
  • Do not use the eyeliner, even in the same color as your lipstick, because the mark out and make them appear even thinner. Instead, it is best that you apply lipstick generously, reviewing slightly above their natural edge is to increase its volume. Apply with a brush to achieve a natural look and finish that you like yourself.
  • Apply regularly conditioning bar lips with sunscreen, so that your lips will not only be well protected, but will be fully hydrated, preventing cracking and spoil your makeup.

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