Tips for choosing a lipstick

We all dream that lipstick, whatever we do, eat, lets kiss, etc, will not disappear from our lips. Although many brands promise an extra long length of the bar, not always the case, so we give you some simple tips for choosing infallible lipstick that offers greater durability.

A good lipstick will pass these tests:

  • Should slide lips without need for pressing hard.
  • The color should be the same when you paint the upper and lower lip.
  • After some hours of use, the color should remain stable. It must also withstand the light without losing brightness and consistency.
  • As usual we painted lips for several hours, it is advisable that the product has a mild and pleasant aroma (without too much perfume) and a delicate flavor. This is especially important if you are used to moisten his lips with his tongue when dry notes.
  • The texture should not be greasy or dense, but it's much better that bar that when your lips let slip a thin film of color, good gloss and adhesion.
  • A good lipstick should resist that apply gloss over, no color distortion and no color mixed with glitter.

Do not forget that a good lipstick is defined by its structure, character and consistency. Do not be misled by the color of fashion, but look right for your personality or according to how you feel that day. You can try different brands and colors to find what really suits you and, yes, when you find it, do not let go of it. Few things inspire us both as a pretty face lip color.

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