Kinds of lipsticks

When choosing how to paint our lips, we have many options to give the color and brightness that we were seeking. These are the most common lipstick:

Mates: This type of bars is not bright or very little. Last longer when applied on the lips but has the disadvantage that it can make us look chapped lips. There is a belief that can only be used if you have big lips, but can be used in all types of lips.

Creamy: They are the most popular because they provide a bright, creamy finish to our lips, but the color lasts less than the mate. The advantage is that, being creamy, while we paint our lips, it also hydrates.
Colored liquid. Main disadvantage is that not last long and we must be applied continuously, but are ideal if you have thin lips.

Gloss: They add color and sparkle to your lips, but they are almost transparent, so are great if you like to have a natural look. A good idea is to apply on the pen or creamy matte lip service to deliver more brightness.
Special lipstick: Here you can find the makeup for the lips that provides additional benefits, for example, to make our lips look larger. They do this proque are formulated with substances such as pepper to make a temporary, swollen lips and look a little bigger. We can also include moisturizing bars, which are cream bars that include other ingredients such as vegetable waxes or aloe vera. They are very creamy, but not last long, continually moisturize your lips.

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