Care of chapped lips

At all times of the year, our lips are susceptible to cracking, but this tends to occur mostly in winter. The cold and wind easily damaged the sensitive skin of the lips and if we do not protect as appropriate, we run the risk of drying, cracking, and in case where the cracks are very deep, even bleed and causing little pain. Moreover, although not reaching to crack, can fill that prevent us from pielecitas lips look bright as we like.

If your lips have made the pielecitas appearance, the best way is to exfoliate them disappear, for which you can use sugar or one of many exfoliating lips you'll find on the market.

However, if your lips and cracks, it is best cleaved with yogurt, applied to the lips and letting it stand for several minutes. Yogurt exfoliate and soothe the irritation. Then moisturize lips and you will be protected.

Here are some remedies for chapped lips end:

Ointment, almond oil, almond oil and need beeswax bee. Put the wax to melt in a water bath and then add the oil. Then wait until the mixture cool and then apply it on the lips before bed and after waking up. Check, as every day, the cracks are reduced and your lips stay hydrated.

Aloe vera: A very effective remedy for chapped lips is to cut a piece of aloe vera plant, wash it well and apply the sap on the lips when they are severely cracked. The aloe vera will help heal the lips and regenerate tissue.

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I always have chapped lips. whats the best lipstick?

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