Myths and truths about acne

Acne is a skin ailment that affects especially adolescents, but women also get rid of suffering, which caused us enough problems as it must apply concealer to cover the grains, cleanse the skin more often to keep getting worse and not be tempted to tighten the pimples and blackheads that accompany it.

But to get rid of acne best, we must take into account what is truth and what are just myths in regard to those pesky pimples that, again and again, work to appear on our faces:

  • Chocolate causes acne: Fortunately for chocolate lovers, it's just a myth. The eating chocolate does not cause acne, although it has been found to contribute to its appearance sugars and oils used to produce it. So if you can not resist the chocolate, choose the purest. Well enjoy and care for your skin.
  • We should not wash your face more often when we Acne: Reality. If we wash the face several times a day thinking that this would remove the dirt that accumulates on it, all you achieve is to end the irritated skin, which would cause that obstruct the pores and acne increase. We wash only twice a day, as always, her hands gently from the area where we have acne.
  • The use of cosmetics cause acne: Myth and reality. Some products can clog pores, which cause acne, but we can choose specific products for acne-prone skin and avoid this problem.
  • Remove blackheads with your fingers makes the problem worse: Reality. No matter how careful you say, when we extract the pimples spread bacteria from the surrounding skin, which will result in a worsening of acne.

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Secret B5Stops said...

Acne is mainly caused due to overproduction of sebum in sebaceous glands of the body. Diet containing much oil must be avoided to prevent from acne. Balanced nutritious diet should be taken. Acne treatments are available now.
Body Acne

Dave Nevard said...

Hey, great post about acne causes. I've heard that about chocolate to but unfortunately I'm diabetic :( so no chocolate for me regardless.

Fat Chick said...

The current world system is heavily disconnected. For the majority, the primary concern appears to be image and self worth. Every day, most of us are bombarded with images of what the world deems beautiful or acceptable. Many of us buy in to these constructs and begin incorporating the “belief” as part of our reality. In order to refrain from such a belief system like mike walden's acne no more, we must focus more on ourselves rather than living our lives through a false identity. We must accept ourselves for who we are and take pride in our being.

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