Yeah, in between of final exam, Orica tried to steal the time for typing some reviews and pasted here. Finally become general review about a doujin "Umineko No Naku Koro Ni". Maybe for you who ever seen "Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni" doesn't know that Higuyasi has a sequel. After the sound of crickets in the village, now turn seagull who yell bloody murder at the isolated island ... Welcome to Rokkenjima!!!

Umineko no Naku Koro ni is the third series of visual novels When They Cry Series made 07th Expansion. This paper Ryukishi'07 sold out in half an hour in the C72 (assumed from the sales, Umineko including Doujin / indie). In Umineko, readers are forced to investigate about murder scheme with any evidence available just like in Higurashi. However, Umineko has a "insane" score that magic is an important element in the storyline. Umineko is a visual novel formed as game with PC console as the "terror" media.

Umineko stories ranged in the meeting of Ushiromiya family in their private island called Rokkenjima on 4-5 October 1986. Kinzo, the head family of Ushiromiya had an "unusual" ideal to meet the Golden Witch Beatrice, who provided a wealth of gold for his family (like a "pesugihan" in Indonesian, 'dunno what the means in english hahaha...). In order to achieve the target, he put paintings of Beatrice along with Epitaph sequence that contains the ritual of witch's resurrection. KInzo promised that he will give all of his properties, for anyone who can solve the Epitapth's content and make his meeting with Beatrice. Well, Epithaph content that can not be spelled out good, because it is a ritual 'pull the soul' that is divided into ten 'twilight'.

Umineko storyline focused on third generation of Ushiromiya family (Kinzo's grandghild). They are Battler, Jessica, George and Maria, and two servant cannon and Shannon. As a childrens who are not interested in the affairs of families, they spend time with the play while their parents 'deliberation' and disputing for Kinzo's heritage of the age is estimated to live a little. Both family members and the waitress did not realize the danger which are lurked them.

The disaster began when the storms strike Rokkenjima and cut off all transport and communication facilities. When all tense waiting for storms stopping, occur in a variety of mysterious locked room can be a victim along with the arrival of the challenges that 'sent' by 'Beatrice'. That family splited and suspecting each other. Battler who will not believe the existence of the witch tried to find logical answers from the tricks of 'nearly impossible' it is' prevent 'resurrection of Beatrice that Maria believed to. All members of the family servant and try to maintain themselves from the mysterious power of the invasive form of 'butterfly' that looks invisible all of the people.

Until now Umineko has 4 Episode, 3 Motion Graphic made by Alternait, manga, anime, and will be made by DEEN Studio this year. The visual novel soundtrack sung by Akiko Shikata (Nyaaa ~) the story of this successful. Anime studio Deen been that this official has issued a list of character design and the seiyuu for the lead character.

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