I'm getting bored because I hadn't get Ar Tonelico 2 yet because the arrival in my country is delayed. Only few people can enjoy that instead me. In this moment I lost my blog pagerank because I rarely update this blog. In fact I need it for getting a review job and earn money from that. So sad, right?

Actually I want to talk about cosplay again, because I like it. If there's no topics about Ar Tonelico game, then let's try about its cosplay character. When I googling about to searching a cosplayer who wear Ar Tonelico's costume, I hadn't see anyone that cosplaying Ar Tonelico. Looks like its rarely to find. But don't worry, I found them, they are none other my friends. Who they are? You'll know soon.

Shi Zala
She is my friend who loving about Gundam Seed Destiny so badly, even she consider Athrun Zala as her husband :D. She wearing Misha's costume when she was attending in Battle of Harajuku. In my opinion, she was the one in the word who created and wore Misha's costume because I never seen anyone else do the same. In the next cosplay event, she have plan to make anoother Misha's costume like China Dress, Khansa (armored Misha), Shinobi, and little Misha. For china dress, she want to wear it when she attending some event such as "kondangan".
This is her pictures, If you want to see, you will realize how beautiful she is.
(Credit goes to Shi)

Ringirl (Cocona)
Ringirl is a little cosplayer girl, she still graduated in Senior high School, but I like to regard her as a primary schoolgirl (anak SD) because she has baby-faced. She will crying loudly if I keep treated her like a child. But However she have some Ar Tonelico costume like Luca Trulywaath and Aurica Nestmille in beta version big grin. As you like, her style like a boiled scrab rolling on the floor. Becareful, don't treat her like that or you'll get bited by her. Oh, she also have Jakuri's costume. Still in progress or what.
(Credit goes to Ringirl)

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Orica said...

Yeah, she just beautiful with the costume.

tiyo avianto said...

yang pake baju doraemon ndak ada kah

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