This song for me is very good and gentle, sounds majestic. Sung by Misha (Hymmnos voiced by Akiko Shikata) to prevent Mir awaken from her long sleep. Misha sacrificing herself by singing forever under the Crescent Chronicle, where Mir was sealed. In Ar Tonelico, this song has an important role in the way of the story, especially in Phase 2 for Misha Path.

However I love this song so much, even this song is the slogan of this blog.

“Wee ki ra chs CHRONICLE KEY en grandee sos dius yor.”

[tattoi anata wo shugoru tame KURONIKURU KII wo kanadeyou]
~To protect sacred ‘You’, I’ll play the Chronicle Key~

“Wee ki ra araus tes soare an giue mea iem.”

[kono mi no gisei to hikikae ni ima kono ji wo sasageyou]
~To exchange this body as sacrifice, now, this hour I’ll offer~

“Was au ga whai pauwel ferda enter whou na needle sor,”
[naze chikara ha muyoku na hito ni yadoru no darou]
~Why is that power dwells within those who don’t care?~

“En whai pauwel gaunji yasra whou na senjue sor tou zuieg.”
[naze chikara ha isakai nozomanu yasashii hito wo sainamu no darou]
~And why does power torment kind people, who don’t desire conflicts?~

“Was au ga, Diasee, Pauwee,”
[kami no ko yo chikara no ko yo]
~Oh, children of God, children of Power!~

“Aiph yos dealij zuieg, en needle eterne falfa,”
[moshi anata ga arasoi wo itoi towa no annei wo motomeru no nara]
~If You dislike conflicts and seek for eternal peace~

“Slepir tes pauwel an hyzik,”
[chikara to soshite nikutai wo tomoni nemuri e tsukasenasai]
~With both power and flesh, settle in sleep~

“Fatere tes pauwel chs deleir, en ousye yor.”
[unu ga chikara ga wazawai to nari anata no mi sae mo mushibamu mae ni]
~Before Your power turns into curse and even Your body is eaten away~

“Wee ki ra selena anw yasra wiene,”
[yasashii oniro wo kanadeyou]
~I’ll play gentle tones~

“En chs Chronicle Key sos yor.”
[anata no tame no komoriuta]
~A lullaby for You~

“Wee ki ra araus tes soare an giue mea iem.”
[kono mi no jubaku to hikikae ni ima kono ji wo sasageyou]
~To exchange this body’s curse, now, this hour I’ll offer~

“Grandi en eternal slepial,”
[anata no kokoro wo shugoru tame nagai nemuri wo ataeyou]
~To protect Your heart, a long sleep I’ll offer~

“Presia aterra cremia sos viuy lonfa,”
[kuraku kazashita tamashii wo kyuusai e to sasoou]
~I’ll call out to relief of darkness over your head~

“Yehar lamenza der soare mea.”
[inori no kotodama anata e to tsumugu fukai nageki wo tokihanate]
~The power of prayer’s words spin into You, releasing you from deep grief~

If you notice the contents, it similar with a lullably song. Of course you get it. You getting sleepy when you hear this song in the midnight.

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