The third series of Umineko no Naku Koro ni motion graphic which was released on 29 December 2008 on C75. After waiting for 2 days, finally I can watch it in Youtube and Nicovideo (Orica will download it soon ^0^). Things that priorited this time is "Banquet of the Golden Witch," the third episode of Umineko. Opening song titled Toriko (Prisoner) sung again by ALTERNAIT, Shinra Esuko. Toriko is the most spoiler Motion Graphic so far because of it "honesty" in various scheme(yeah.. honestly, when I see Beatrice bleeding while fighting Eva Beatrice ...). Forget about all character introduction in previous motion, the video content this time is really to the point of the story. How Eva and her other personality involved in witch's battle, the battle between Beatrice and Virgilia, which is followed by the appearance of Eva-Beatrice (Eva's other personality who become the witch) who has cute face but actually pure evil. In this video, Battler's position is very clear and not so bad as the previous motion graphic.

Many surprising things in motion graphic video this time. In addition to Eva, the family servant Ushiromiya described also has another personality. In addition, Beatrice showed soft face .. not so evil like in the previous video and looks helping her"prey". Shannon's rescue action and resurrect Kanon's spirit that Beatrice did to "giving a hope?" Jessica and George can make audiens supposed that Beatrice is actually kind (just don't believe it!). Then Kyrie (Battler's foster mother) and her husband involved to the battle with her shotgun.

Unfortunately .. this time the fans dream to see Lambdadelta wasn't come true .. and stakes of Purgatory as well (owned by Beatrice) and Siestas (owned by Eva-Beatrice), the executioners who sent for murdering Ushiromiya family also doesn't appear. The appearance of Bernkastel just black and white (character behind the screen) and Ange's first appearence (Battler's sister) who prepared to fall down from building.

Another critics for this .. although the use of 3D effects to the room and the magic is very good, for 2D graphics for characters is too few. Many repeated scene, first time watched, Orica confused .. actually a lot of complicated scheme, but is that all?. Finally, when I read the song's translation, I just understand that the pictures adjusted with the song lyrics.

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