Finally I got my Ar Tonelico 2 : Melody of Metafalica DVD. I bought it recently when I shopping. The graphic and game system is great, but something I don't like it is the opening that looks "strange" than its prequel. The story telling about Luca Trulyworth, Croix Bartel's chilhood friend who just lost her sister, Laytel Trulyworth because of I.P.D's infection that attacked the reyvateils. And then she meet Cloche Letyhal Pastalie and requested by Leglius to guard that Pastalie princess.

Maybe this game can be "Visual Novel RPG" than Ar Tonelico : Melody of Elemia. In fact, this game also contains semi-adult and "harem's game". A chilhood friend (Luca), a princess with Tsundere-type (Cloche), imouto fake type (Cocona Jelek), an adventurer (Amarie Gelade) and one cameo from previous Ar Tonelico, Jacqli (actually Mir)

The worst thing I found in this game is the translation result made by NIS America that make strange heard. Most of the names and terms changed by spelling or even something that have an important role in the storyline. Honestly, I just annoyed with that, however I must accept this with spacious chest.

Croix Bartel (formerly Chroah Vatel), I think it's okay, but something strange to "Bartel", just strange in my ears.

Luca Trulyworth (formerly Ruka Trulywaath), her name has an important role. Trullywaath means "revive" in Hymmnos. But they changed it.

Cloche Letylal Pastalie (formerly Croche Latel Pastalia), no comments at all, just "Cloche" means "churchbell" in French.

Jacqli (Jakuri), Jakuri's name is more famous that "Jacqli" one. Just strange in my ears.

Pippen (Pepen), Cloche's penguin. I think she will kill someone who done that translation with her sword :)

That's all of my opinion and complaints about Ar Tonelico 2. However I shall enjoy it for awhile. Please, don't disturb me when I playing. If you want to invite me in "kondangan", only 3 answer I' say :

"I'm not going!"

"I refused!"

"Don't disturb me!"

Hahaha, just kidding.....

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thundercloud82 said...

Yup, NISA's work on this game is legendarily horrid. The VA's don't even pronounce Cocona's name the same between them.

Oh, there are other cameos too... *cough*shopkeeper*cough*

Uty Chan said...

nice to meet you...

nice blog... I'd love ar tonelico too...

akh basa inggris paspasan

Orica said...

Yeah, everyone, please feel free to follow each other.

Uty Chan said...

emant uda ketauan dari awal.. hehehehe

gpp lah toh pake basa inggris ini... ga bakal terlalu keliatan...


Luv MishaLuca said...

luv ar tonelico forever..
smua cwe2nya cakep ^__^ sampe terpana
lam knal..
visit my blog jg yak..

Luv MishaLuca said...

hua,thank you^^ i've became one of your follower.XD. would u like to be one of mine too?

Luv MishaLuca said...

one of your author blog?? what did it mean?

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