This time after the previous post about Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, Let me introducing some characters on it. This will make this doujin more interesting. But I just giving a part og character because I'm still blank about it, so let me learn more about this doujin for awhile.

BATTLER USHIROMIYA(Main Character) Seiyuu : Daisuke Ono

Umineko main character. Just like most another main character, he is reckless and stubborn. He is not believe the existence of Beatrice. However, in the second episode he will accompany while duel with her because he 'sent' to another dimension when he solve the case. He put the symbol of eagle wings in the right hand of jacket. Battler's identity is questioned in fourth episode because he has the ability to use red text although he isn't a warlock. Battler very angry because Beatrice playing with his family's fate, and he don't care about his identity, he just want to defeat Beatrice and return to Ange.

Seiyuu : Yui Horie

Umineko main heroine. Do not believe in her cuteness, sometimes she will makes you mad with the 'uuuuuu ... and kihihihihihi' spell. Battler is very protective with this girl that strongly believe about 'Beatrice's existence'. Maria is very love to her mother, but she don't care at much. He has a sixth sense that make all of her cousins fear. Maria put the symbol of eagle wings on the left clothes. Maria got a witch title in the fourth episode and the member of Marriage Solciel with Beatrice and Virgilia. As a Golden witch, she is able to give a soul to her lion stuffed animal.

Seiyuu : Maria Inoue

Umineko second main heroine. She really like seduce Battler after so long no see. This tomboy girl is interested in the Kanon. In the second episode and the third related to the Kanon will be the important points in the game (which has been entertaining dizzed readers with all the Battler and Beatrice conflict). He put the symbol of eagle wings in the left arm blazer. Do not underestimate Jessica even though she suffers asthma, as she capable to fight with her knuckle and enchant ability as her magic power in fourth episode. She fight Ronove.

Seiyuu : Suzumura Kenichi

The oldest character amongs Umineko's third generationan the only the one that are 'sanity' among all cousins. George is very smart and kind and Battler so admired him. George love Shannon, and even gave an engagement ring without know the danger that lurked them. George put the symbol of eagle on the wing in his vest. In the fourth episode, George show his real face and ability (so fierce....fight against Gaap before that devil woman deceive him). George using magic as pillar form that used to his defence and destroy everything in range with martial ability he owned.

Seiyuu : Rie Kugimiya

Ushiromiya family servant who get the eagle's wing tattoos on her hip. Shannon is a skilled servant, but she considered himself a free tool that employers use. She loves George and try to protect him with all the strength against Beatrice. Shannon has a magical shield that used to protect George, but Beatrice remind that George's love to her was a fake, and she is not worthy to love her master as a servant. Shannon has the original name of Sayo.

Seiyuu : Kobayashi Yu

Shannon's sister who also received the honor to got eagle wings in the left hand clothes. He also considers himself as a furniture with worst grade than Shannon. Cannon are generally cold and difficult to socialize, but Jessica can successfuly make friend with her. Kanon love Jessica and dare to challenge Beatrice to fight to protect Jessica. She using a butcher knife as her weapon in first episode and sword that similar with Stakes of Purgatory's in secone episode. He always reminds Shannon to be careful with her feeling.


The main antagonist in this story. She is a proud withc that grants wealth to Ushiromiya family. Known as the Golden Witch and the Endless witch.Beatrice is the person that Kinzo wants to meet so badly.She has another form, the golden butterfly that she used to spread terror (although that can not be seen with the naked eye) before she get her original form, and wear the mini-skirt blazer plus mini dress when she 'visit' Rokkenjima. Beatrice interested with Battler and want to make him entertained her at "fate game" that she played. In accordance with the Epitaph in the bottom of her paintings, when the ritual is complete then Beatrice restore all to normal, including their desire and start a new phase. She became Battler's opponent in meta-world. She wear the symbol of the eagle wing on her dress. She always hold a cigar in her hand.

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