The sofa-bed

There are many types of sofas that you can put in the rooms of your home. From the simplest to the most complete with all accessories. Big, small, in the form of 'L', with footrest for a person to two and even for the whole family. Then there is the sofa bed is one of the most useful out there. Functions as a bed and a sofa as you need at all times.

If it is true that one of the flaws you've always had this type of furniture is that there has been very decorative. By winning the functionality of bed, her beauty was not up to conventional sofas. The accommodation also has never featured in them. To have the task of becoming a bed, couch when used, leaving aside other important aspects to consider in this type of furniture.


There are various types of sofa-bed from which you can choose. Most traditional is that of a nest. In this, the bed is located under the sofa with folding legs. Also called extensible. Unlike before, the back and seat are one piece. By expanding out the feet underneath. They are very comfortable when April and close.

The removable bed is the same seat where you lie. Simply remove the cushions and pull you up a mechanism for it to turn. The accordion is similar to extensible. Pulling the sofa is converted directly into bed, no more is needed.

Another of the most popular sofa beds are leather futon sofa bed. They are oriental style and serve as a sofa and bed. Are very popular because the floors are getting smaller and we must maximize every square meter. This type of sofa you can have in the main room of the house. So the day you will use as a sofa and at night you can use as a bed.

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