Seduce an Aries man

The Aries man is usually quite impulsive, fearless and agile. Always want to be the first in everything and have strong character, which makes them a little selfish. Normally it is they who take the initiative, just show yourself interested and allow them to approach you when they want something until you can not stop. So it's best to be desired, listen, pay attention to innuendo and play along with your weapon to seduce a woman. Nor is it good to see you're glib, do not accept the first of his appointments, let it first incurs a bit.

Finally, allow yourself to win and see who is passionate, hardworking, good partner and you will be loyal when you are the owner of his heart. They have a bad part is that they are somewhat intrepid and zealous, but because they have a great need for romance and want to keep alive their hopes. If you want a peaceful and stable man, this sign is the opposite. Never show yourself bored, do not support routine. You have to be feminine and carefree. They like to challenge you without being aggressive.

If your career is more important or better paid than his, certainly miss many opportunities to conquer it, because they want to be the most star of the couple, as they have much ego. They take sex as a sport and they love to get excited.

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