Seduce a Cancer man

Cancer men are very shy, they lock themselves in their world and sometimes you can not see her sweet side, so they are difficult to seduce. Also tend to be jealous and suspicious, something that leads them to want to control you all the time. However, if you get to know thoroughly, you will notice they are very nice people who always showed great affection.

For cancer, the family and home is critical to your life. If you want to conquer it is essential that you are a woman devoted to home and family. Do not criticize and do not leave unattended. They love their kitchen, you can start invite him to a fine dinner. Your heart will be much more open after eating.

At the meeting, seeks to create an atmosphere of comfort and convenience, like a very warm home. Invite him to your house for a romantic dinner, enjoy a good tearjerker, then put Pegaditas music to dance well. It is a very sensible and appreciate that you listen carefully to their confidences, appreciates his talent, he accepts his past, loyal and loving.

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